Smart. Flexible. Perfect.

Intelligent plating solutions
with outstanding flexibility

Smart solutions with outstanding flexibility

Components often need smart, highly flexible solutions. On the one hand, customers require uniform components with narrow plating tolerances and excellent quality. On the other hand, low-cost processing with a high level of automation are also key factors. We combine these two requirements with our services.

Our process technology accomplished to electroplate each component individually, economically and perfectly, right down to the last detail. Our system precisely matches the surface treatments with the requirements of your components. We can provide you with both selective plating and various layer thicknesses on the same component – for practically all electroplated surfaces.
Each component is plated individually, making uniform accuracy a reality, with consistent layer thicknesses and precisely reproducible tolerances. Control and documentation of the process parameters during series production results in perfect components every time – guaranteeing outstanding quality and process reliability. In addition, our efficient technology plates every single part within seconds – an ideal solution for high-volume production scenarios.
We design, develop and build systems specially tailored to meet your component specifications and provide you with a full range of series plating services, which means you not only benefit from our expertise in plant construction, but also from our wealth of experience and knowledge in the world of electroplating.

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We have the cutting-edge technology to handle a diverse range of processes and individual component requirements.

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Our process technology guarantees you the following advantages for your production scenario:

Guaranteed top quality

  • High process capability index
  • Narrow tolerances
  • Uniform layer thicknesses
  • Electroplating optimised to suit your component
  • Outstanding quality and throughput with maximum process control

    Examples of hard chrome plating applications

    • Intake and exhaust valves
    • Components for

      • Fuel injection systems
      • Brake cylinders
      • Shock absorbers rods

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    Stabilise production processes and cut manufacturing costs

    • Selective plating
    • Plating thickness precisely adaptable to your specifications
    • Various layer thicknesses on one component
    • Ideal for metallic base materials
    • Cost optimisation through high level of automation